The cutting saw of UPVC door window machines

UPVC door window machines include cutting saw machines, welding machine, cleaning machines, etc.. Cutting saw machines mainly have the following several kinds:

1.UPVC door window two-head cutting saw machine

UPVC cutting saw machine

UPVC double head cutting saw is mainly used to cut the frame and fan profiles of UPVC doors and windows, and realize the cutting of 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Each saw head can be cut at 45 degrees or 90 degrees. It cuts the size you want, from 400mm-3700mm.It can finish the cutting through single or double saw heads. It is necessary machine for PVC window process.

2.UPVC door window V mitire cutting saw machine

UPVC cutting saw machine

     Automatic 45 degree cutting u-PVC glazing bead profile.Two glazing beads cutting in one time.4 pieces saw blade ensure precise cutting, double cutting one each end to mill the hook foot.Vertical clamping device and special designed cutting jig ensure stable positioning.Two hand safety operation.

3.UPVC door window glazing bead cutting saw machine

UPVC cutting saw machine

The PVC door window machine can complete processing procedure of PVC door and window glazing bead cutting.It can measure the window inner frame's size.According to the needed size, you can process glazing bead.Furthermore, there is a tiny adjusting device, with which you can adjust the tightness degree as needed at will.

UPVC door window machines after sale services:

124 hours service on Internet and Telephone, free instructions and problem solving.

2Free training to make sure a master of the operating of cnc router for the person who come to our factory.

3User-friendly English manual or operating video for machine using and maintaining.

4on-the-spot training, installation and repairing can be met if required.



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