How to choose the right CNC laser cutter and CNC laser engraver

samples of laser cutter
CNC laser cutter
and CNC laser engraver are mainly used for billboards, artistic gift, crystal ornaments, bamboo embossment, printing garments and leather industries, photo frame etc. Many people do not know how to choose the right machine. Please follow the next.

The selection of laser cutting machine to choose according to the use of processing, for example

(1) Engraving rubber pad, rubber board, carton printing: most laser CNC laser cutter and CNC laser engraver can be used to carve the rubber plate, you do not need to choose those a multitude of names, very fast machine, because those you rarely a multitude of names; engraving speed is also used, because the speed of engraving engraving rubber plate the depth cannot meet the demand of the printing. Recommendation: buy laser engraving machine, suitable for carving rubber plate price cheap, fast return of investment.  

(2) laser engraving bamboo, wooden crafts, gift cards, paper cutting, small ornaments, carved bamboo, wooden box, wine box, tea caddy, crystal glass jewelry, acrylic crafts and other small accessories, such as 9060 to choose small machines, laser engraving machine, 900X600mm format, low price, high precision, equipped with lifting platform and equipped with free replacement platform equipment, hand feeding and clean up waste processing platform, carving precision is high, the price can be accepted.

(3) most of CNC laser cutter and CNC laser engraver can be used for cutting acrylic plate, but I suggest choosing a special laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine is because the laser cutting is optimized, the cutting effect is very good. If you stick to purchase ordinary laser engraving machine, it must choose a "knife bed" device of laser engraving machine. Remember: do not believe that some manufacturers say what 60W, 80W machine can cut 20mm thick acrylic, this is not possible, even if can cut through, the cutting edge is also too horrible to look at. Normal value: 60W laser engraving machine can cut 8-10mm acrylic. 80W laser engraving machine can cut 8-15mm acrylic.

(4) clothing, leather engraving cutting: cutting speed, cutting and laser engraving cellular platform.

(5) in the purchase of CNC laser cutter and CNC laser engraver should be based on the capacity and facilities of their own, choose which can meet the production task and can save cost models. At the same time, should pay attention to equipment with performance and customer service service, and the processing effect of this device is confirmed.



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