What is the maintenance of UV flatbed printer

CHINA Rebound UV flatbed printer adopts EPSON printing head. It can print in HD renderings, ceramic tile, glass, acrylic, wood fiber board, integrated wallboard, metal and other materials, can be stored for many years without a problem, EPSON head UV flatbed printer economical equipment, cheap price, high print quality, but also hope that the customer to select the appropriate equipment according to their own needs! Now let us have a look the maintenance of UV flatbed printer.

uv flatbed printer

Daily maintenance of UV flatbed printer is very important. Before printing, clean the printing platform area and print the surface of the dirt and dust, to prevent the electrostatic characteristics of the printing process so that dust adsorbed on the nozzle surface, resulting in nozzle clogging.

Before the start and shutdown, print the nozzle test strip, check the state of the nozzle, if there is a plug or oblique jet situation, should be cleaned in time.

During the printing process, every 2-5 hours, the special cleaning liquid is used to clean the residual ink on the surface of the nozzle, so as to prevent the nozzle surface ink from being solidified for a long time, and then to block the spray hole.

During the printing process, some nozzles should be avoided for a long time without ink jet. It is suggested that 6 color stripes on both sides of the image should be added to the screen without affecting the screen to prevent the nozzle from clogging.

At the end of printing, special cleaning solution is needed to clean the residual ink on the surface of the nozzle and the bottom of the nozzle.

This is all about the maintenance of UV flatbed printer.



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