How to control the working accuracy and speed of CNC plasma cutter

cnc plasma cutter

With regard to the working accuracy and speed of CNC plasma cutter, I have proved that they have a balanced process through a large number of experiments. When the cutting speed is too fast, the cutting effect is certainly not good; in order to ensure the cutting accuracy and improve the quality of the cutting surface, there will be an uncontrollable upper limit for the cutting speed to set. So how to control the working accuracy and speed of CNC plasma cutter?

1. Cutting speed:

The premise of cutting speed is perfect cutting accuracy. Because the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether the high speed is achieved by eyes. We can use the software simulation function of the servo driver of the CNC plasma cutting machine to see whether the motor speed is up to the ideal height. When cutting speed is simulated, cutting speed is increased. Each shaft can be tested separately or simultaneously.

2. Cutting accuracy.

Cutting accuracy is generally below 0.5mm, it can be in the construction industry; but for the automotive mirror class requirements in less than 0.0lmm; cutting requirements in the steel plate is the lower the better, the accuracy of the machine on the market is + 0.5mm error. Now all manufacturers can provide cutting accuracy is generally less than 0.2mm. But this can not only look at the introduction of product manuals, we should have a complete set of testing accuracy of cutting procedures in the acceptance, to measure the actual cutting accuracy of products, we usually have more than a dozen test samples.

We have a certain understanding about CNC plasma cutter knowledge. If there is any problem about CNC plasma cutter , you can continue to contact me, I will try my best to answer you.



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