How to adjust the spindle of foam/wood mould CNC router machine

foam/wood mould CNC router machine

The spindle is one of the most important parts for the foam/wood mould CNC router machine, the rational use of the spindle can greatly improve the service life of the machine. The following are the notes for the using of the spindle.

1, when the spindle is used for the first time before running at high speed, it must run from the allowable minimum speed to the running speed. After 30 minutes, it will run according to the 1500 turn / step difference, and each gear will run in 20 minutes until the upper speed is reached. The reason for this operation is that the high speed oil in the bearing will change during the storage and transportation of the spindle.

2, the main shaft uses air seal. The gas source must pass through the oil-water separator. The dry filter can be used. The air pressure is 0.1-0.15MPa, and the filtration accuracy is 5um. Otherwise, the bearing will be damaged.

3, water cooled main shaft cooling water must use chiller, temperature control at 22 -25 degrees C.

The most popular industrial chiller customers foam/wood mould CNC router machine is its intelligent temperature constant temperature and two kinds of working mode, intelligent temperature control mode can change with temperature and adjust to the corresponding temperature, a key unhappy solution, customers need not trouble the seasonal temperature adjustment problem.

4, the clamping tool, collet, nut, inner cone hole must be cleaned, so as not to affect the precision, handle is inserted into the collet must be greater than 15mm.



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