The difference between flame cutter and CNC plasma cutter working principle

Flame cutter is also called oxygen cutting, through high temperature flame localized heating iron sheet surface to the ignition point (1000 degrees Celsius), and then release the high-pressure oxygen in the ignition, the combustion iron sheet form incision.

flame cutter

CNC Plasma cutter, also known as electric cutting, is through the plasma power to convert ordinary industrial electricity into high-energy plasma arc. The energy of plasma arc is used to burn the steel plate, while the compressed gas is used to blow away the residue to form the incision.

cnc plasma cutter

The working principle of the control system of the CNC cutting machine:

The main beam longitudinal motion control of NC system for NC flame cutting equipment, control the car with lateral movement of cutting torch, combination of horizontal and vertical motion trajectories become torch and workpiece is cut to shape. At the same time, the PLC in the control system realizes the action and timing control of the gas regulating valve of the cutting gas path. In the actual use of numerical control flame cutting machine, in order to keep the height of the cutting head and the steel plate constant, it also needs to be equipped with automatic capacitor height adjusting device.

Control system software and hardware components: because CNC flame cutting machine has high control accuracy and cutting speed requirements, stepper motor can be used to open loop motion control. The control function of the control system is coordinated by the industrial control machine and the motion control card. The motor driver of the control system can realize chopped wave and constant current subdivision drive, improve the motion accuracy of the motor and solve the heating problem when driving the large torque well.

The working principle of the CNC Plasma cutter: highly ionized gases arc power will be transferred to the workpiece, high heat to melt and blow off the workpiece, the formation of plasma arc cutting work.

The compressed air into the chamber after the torch is divided into two parts, namely the formation of plasma gas and auxiliary gas. Gas plasma arc melting metal, and related components of the auxiliary gas cooling and cutting torch has blown molten metal.

The structure of cutting power includes two parts: main circuit and control circuit. The electrical principle includes main circuit, contactor, three phase power transformer with high leakage reactance, three phase bridge rectifier, high frequency arc striking coil and protective element. The high leakage reactance leads to the external characteristics of the power supply.

This is the difference between flame cutter and CNC plasma cutter working principle.



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