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Leader of aluminum door window machine:CNC Double Mitre Precision Cutting Saw

Leader of aluminum door window machine:CNC Double Mitre Precision Cutting Saw

Mention aluminum cutting saw machine, the first thing that comes to mind: no needing artificial saw head moving,no needing artificial size setting. It can cutting aluminum and curtain wall profiles automatically that you only need to input simple number. Reduce the working time at the same time improve the working speed, this is the so-called efficient. This is why we could think of CNC double mitre precision cutting saw when we mention the most automatic aluminum door window machine. Here is a detailed description of the CNC machine.

First,wide range, used for cutting materials of aluminum profiles and curtain wall profiles.High efficiency, suitable for scale production.High work efficiency, so the processing speed is fast, so it is suitable for bulk and scale project use.

Second,high safety factor. Compared with the PVC door window machine, the danger coefficient of aluminum door window machine is high larger.For example, the normal aluminum profile double-head cutting saw machine, without protective cover. Workers could be easily injured when the saw blade is driving that people are in a state of unprotected. If you use the CNC double mitre precision cutting saw, there is no this kind of problem. The super large protective cover ensures the safety of the workers and effectively recycles the rest of aluminum profiles.In addition, the CNC double mitre precision cutting saw machine is designed by advanced steel structure, and the aging process is used to ensure that the lathe bed has good rigidity and not deformation.This is a protection for the equipment, because many trucking companies will put some cargo on the bed during transportation, and now there is nothing wrong with having a cutting saw on it.

aluminum cutting saw machine

aluminum cutting saw

Third, high machining accuracy.There are many factors of affecting the cutting precision of aluminum door window machine, such as saw blade, motor, spindle box, assembly level and so on. This cutting sawing machine is designed by CNC that can automatically processing for different aluminum curtain wall profiles.The error of manual operation is reduced, and the positioning accuracy of equipment is improved by using the rack drive, which reaches the top level in the same industry.High quality imported saw blade is adopted to ensure accurate cutting performance.The cutting effect of saw blade good or bad is mainly depends on the smoothness of the cutting section, and the quality of cutting is guaranteed by using the Japanese saw blade.In addition, the spindle precision is high, ensuring the blade rotation is stable and the surface quality of the profile cutting surface is improved effectively.Imported flat guide rail, linear bearing movement, high accuracy and accurate positioning.The blade feed system adopts gas-liquid damping cylinder to ensure uniform speed and steady movement.The machine head is automatically rotating, bidirectional positioning, clamping, accurate and stable.These are to some extent improve the processing precision of window and window equipment.

aluminum cutting saw machine



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