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Congratulation: shipment of aluminum profile milling machine and angle combining machine

 shipment of aluminum profile milling machine and angle combining machine

Mr. Wang is our customer in Yunnan, previously made PVC(plastic) pofile door and window business. He once bought our double head cutting saw machine, four head welding machine and other door window machine.As the scale of operation has expanded, a new door and window factory has been opened in Burma to produce aluminum doors and windows. Mr. Wang is not familiar with the process of making aluminum doors and windows, specially come to our company to inspect. After the exchange, Mr. Wang chose three machines: aluminum profile milling machine, aluminum end milling machine and aluminum angle combining machine. Mr. Wang has bought our double head cutting saw machine for aluminum door and window, so he does't need to purchase again this time. After a week, these three machines have been finished and shipped today.

The next are performance and features of these aluminum door window machines:

1. aluminum profile milling machine

aluminum profile milling machine

1For processing of all kinds of holes of the aluminum and pvc profiles.

2Vertical direction can be adjusted continuously.

3Changeable template for different copy routing.

2. aluminum end milling machine

aluminum end milling machine

1 Used for processing aluminum profile end step face and end slot etc.

2 Adjustable processing angle within 30-90 degree

3 Convenient tool setting due to adjustable worktable

4 Tool feeding adopted linear bearing motion pair, which insured steady process.

3. aluminum angle combining machine

aluminum angle combining machine

1It 's used for connecting 90°angle of aluminum window and door with multi player corner 2connection.

3Adopt pneumatic control for operation.

4Adopt mechanical linkage structure, realizing completely synchronous corner crimping.

5Inner corner locating device adopt adjustable locating device.

6It is suitable for various sections and sizes.

7More identical corner crimping depth and accurate 900 combining angle.

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