The difference of UPVC window door welding and seamless welding machine

upvc welding machine

UPVC window door welding machine is divided into ordinary welding machine and seamless welding machine according to the welding effect. Both kinds of machines are used to weld UPVC doors and Windows. What are the differences between them?

(1) Welding effect. After welding of ordinary welding machine, there will be welds on both sides. The welds need to be cleaned manually, with corner cleaning machine or tools. But there will be a groove after cleaning. Seamless welding machine coulde automatically clean up the welds, the upper and lower sides are very smooth.

(2) Applicable materials. If you use white UPVC profiles, you can process it with ordinary welding or seamless welding machine. But if you use colored UPVC profiles, you need use seamless welding machine.

(3) Different tracks. The ordinary welding machine uses a circular or square track, and the seamless welding machine uses linear bearings with higher precision.


(4) Machine frame. Seamless welding machine is used in heavy frame, which is more stable than ordinary welding machine.

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