The classification of CNC plasma cutting machine(plasma cutter)

The CNC plasma cutting machine(plasma cutter) is mainly used to cut high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal. According to the different worktable, it is divided into portable plasma cutting machine, table plasma cutting machine and gantry type plasma cutting machine.

1. Portable plasma cutting machine

portable plasma cutting machine

Portable plasma cutting machine is suitable for the customers small workload, replace workplace usually. The maximum cutting width is 1500mm, and the cutting length is between 2500mm and 6000mm.

2. Table plasma cutting machine

Table plasma cutting machine

The table plasma cutting machine is the most commonly used model, most of the customers buy this type of machine. The conventional models are 1325 and 1530. The customer can add a gas torch or bit on the basis of the plasma cutting, which is used for gas cutting or drilling.

The plasma cutting machine can also be used to cut round pipe or square tube, after adding a rotating shaft. The customer only needs to tell us the length, thickness and diameter of the pipe that you want.

3. Gantry type plasma cutting machine

Gantry type plasma cutting machine

The Gantry type plasma cutting machine is mainly used in large enterprises. The conventional models are 3000 and 4000. The processing width is 3 meters or 4 meters, the cutting length can be set at will, and the manufacturer will make it according to your requirements.



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