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The composition of a set of aluminum door window machine(equipment)

The aluminum door window machine(equipment) includes cutting machine(equipment), milling machine(equipment), corner combing machine(equipment) and punching machine(equipment).

a set of aluminum door window machine

(1) Aluminum door window cutting machine(equipment).

Aluminum door and window cutting machine(equipment) is divided into two kinds: aluminum door cutting saw machine for window frame, fan profile and aluminum door and window Angle code cutting saw.The double - head cutting saw of aluminum doors and Windows mainly includes double head CNC precision cutting saw, digital display precision cutting saw machine, precision cutting sawing machine and common double-head aluminum cutting sawing machine. CNC precision cutting saw machine automatic positioning, processing speed, high efficiency, high precision. Digital display precision cutting saw machine and precision cutting saw machine processing results, the difference is the former with digital display, people can take advantage of the digital display table more convenient, fast and accurate scale, improve the efficiency of doors and Windows processing production.These three kinds of aluminum doors and Windows cutting machine are suitable for medium-sized projects.If you do a small amount of odd jobs, you need to choose an ordinary double-head saw.Its features: affordable, easy to operate, but not fit to do a lot of engineering.

The cutting saw of aluminum door and window Angle code is mainly divided into CNC control type, automatic type and semi-automatic type.The average customer will choose the fully automatic Angle cutter sawing machine, as long as we put the Angle code section on the workbench, and then set the cut size, the machine will cut automatically, the price is high.

(2) Aluminum door window corner combing machine(equipment).

The corner combing machine(equipment) is mainly divided into four head, double head and single head hydraulic unit Angle machines.The CNC four-head corner machine is the most efficient and the most expensive.In terms of cost performance, single hydraulic unit Angle machine is the best choice, and it is also the most used group Angle door and window machine(equipment) in the market today.

(3) Aluminum door and window milling machine(equipment).

The machine(equipment) mainly includes end milling machine and lock hole processing machine.It is very simple to choose the end milling machine. If you do engineering, you can use large end milling machine, and can process 5 ~ 6 profiles at one time.If you normally do odd jobs, and most of the same kind of profile, use the small end milling machine, each time can only process one of the top, the economy, the benefit.The contour milling machine is mainly used to process the slot of aluminum doors and Windows.Including single spindle copy milling machine and CNC milling machine.

(4) Aluminum door window punching machine(equipment).

The stamping/punching machine(equipment) of aluminum door and window of insulated bridge is mainly divided into pneumatic punch and hydraulic presses, which are used for punching and holding hand holes.

video of aluminum cutting machine



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