What are the characteristics of CNC gas cutting machine

CNC gas cutting machine

CNC gas cutting machine combines the traditional gas cutting method with the CNC automation technology, and can be used for cutting the carbon plate that the thickness more than 6mm. The cutting way of CNC gas cutting machine and CNC plasma cutting machine is different. Gas cutting is to use high temperature gas to heat the surface of carbon plate to ignition point, and fill it with hyperbaric oxygen, so that it can burn to form incision.

Usually, gas cutting needs gas and oxygen, and there are three kinds of gas available: gas, propane, acetylene. The heat of gas is the least, then propane is second, and the heat of acetylene is the most. The greater the heat, the faster the cutting, the faster the burning rate, the better the cutting effect.

Gas cutting can only cut the metal that is easy to oxidize, it is difficult to cut the high carbon content of the metal. The thickness of gas cutting is generally greater than that of 6mm carbon steel. For plates with thickness less than 6mm, though they can also be cut, but because of thinner plates, the cutting effect is not good. When cutting plates, the plates are easily deformed, and the plates cut out do not achieve good results. The cutting thickness of the general CNC gas cutting machine is 200mm, and then 350mm can be cut after special transformation.

About cutting speed, CNC gas cutting is much faster than manual cutting. But it's little slower than the plasma cutting. For an example of 20mm thick plate cutting, the gas cutting speed is about 450mm/min, and the plasma cutting speed is about 1500mm/min. On the cutting effect, the perpendicularity of gas cutting is better than that of plasma cutting. The cutting surface of gas cutting is vertical, and the plasma cutting surface is tilted.


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