How to prolong CNC plasma cutting machine working life

Everyone who owns CNC plasma cutting machine all wants to prolong his machine working life. But do you know the methods? Let's follow the next methods.

CNC plasma cutting machine

1. Plasma cutting should start from the edge

The cutting starts from the edge, not the perforation. Use the metal edge as a starting point will extend the life of the CNC plasma cutting machine expendable. The correct way is to direct the nozzle directly to the edge of the metal and then start the plasma arc.

2. Reduce unnecessary "arcing" time

The consumption of nozzles and electrodes during arcing is very fast. In the beginning before cutting, should be put in the metal cutting torch working distance.

3. Nozzles do not be overload used

The nozzle is overloaded (that is, over the working current of the nozzle), which will cause the nozzle to be damaged quickly. The current intensity should be 95% of the working current of the nozzle.

4. Use reasonable cutting distance

In accordance with the requirements of the instructions, a reasonable distance is used, and the distance between the cutting nozzle and the metal surface is the distance between the cutting nozzle and the metal surface. When a hole is perforated, 2 times the distance from the normal cutting distance or the maximum height that can be transmitted by the plasma arc.

5. The thickness of the perforation should be within the allowable range of CNC plasma cutting machine system

The cutting machine cannot perforate the steel plate over the working thickness, and the usual thickness of the perforation is 1/2 of the normal cutting thickness.

6. Keep the torch and consumable parts cleaning

It will greatly influence the plasma torch system in consumption and on the function of any dirt. The replacement of expendable to put it in a clean cloth, always check the connection thread cutting, cleaning the electrode contact surface and the nozzle with cleaning agent.

These are the methods summed up by JINAN REBOUND CNC MACHINERY CO.,LTD.

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