Composition of UPVC door window manufacturing machine

A set of UPVC door window manufacturing machine includes UPVC welding machine, UPVC cutting saw machine, UPVC slot milling machine, UPVC corner cleaning machine and so on.

(1) UPVC door window welding machine.

UPVC door window welding machine

There are three kinds of UPVC door window welding machine:double-head UPVC welding machine, three-head UPVC welding machine,four -head UPVC welding machine.The difference between these machines is how many welding heads and the processing efficiency. Double-head UPVC welding can only once weld one window. Three-head UPVC welding machine and four -head UPVC welding machine can be used for mullion V-shaped welding and cross welding. And the four -head UPVC welding machine can weld two windows at the same time. If you do odd jobs for doors and windows, double-head UPVC welding machine is necessary for you. If you do a lot of windows and doors projects,you should choose three-head or four -head UPVC welding machine.UPVC welding machine is the most important UPVC door window manufacturing machine and it is also the most machine with possible problems. I will introduce to you common problems and solutions of UPVC weling machine in later articles. I hope everybody will take an active interest in it.

(2) UPVC door window cutting machine.

UPVC door window cutting machine

This kind of UPVC door window manufacturing machine mainly includes double head cutting saw, V-cutting saw, glazing bead cutting saw, mullion cutting saw and so on.Double head cutting saw is the most important machine tha cuts UPVC profiles which Some people use to cut UPCV windows mullion. When you first use this machine, cut a material, use a metre rule to measure, adjust the ruler pointer to the appropriate position.As for V-cutting saw and glazing bead cutting saw, mainly adjust the work surface of the machine level, guarantee the cutting UPVC profiles to the appropriate depth.The most important thing we must remember:the cutting length should be 3mm longer than the length you want.For example, if you want to make a 1000mm * 1000mm window, you need to cut four lengths of 1003mm profiles. Because UPVC doors and windows are welded, each welding needs to melt 3mm profiles.

(3) UPVC slot milling machine, UPVC corner cleaning machine.

UPVC door window manufacturing machine

These UPVC door window manufacturing machines play auxiliary roles. Slot milling machine is used for processing the drain holes and mounting hole/slot on PVC profiles. Corner cleaning machine is used for corner cleaning 90° angle of UPVC doors and windows.



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