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What are the relevant factors affecting the price of fiber laser cutting machines?

There are already many fiber laser cutting machine on the market, and when choosing, you must pay attention to quality assurance. For example, you can choose REBOUND CNC. The laser cutting machines we launched for everyone have various sizes, which can always keep up with the international frontier and will cooperate with other countries.

As for how much the fiber laser cutting machine costs, it is mainly around hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan. There are many factors that will affect it. First of all, you should consider the cost of production. Generally, if you choose an imported fiber laser cutting machine, the price will not be particularly cheap. The reason why it affects the final price is related to the main components. The quality of the accessories will affect the cost of work and the efficiency of work, so you need to choose regular products.

In addition, when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, you also need to know that the electro-optical conversion rate can directly reach three times that of carbon dioxide, so it can effectively reduce operating costs during the operation of the enterprise, so the required price is not very high.



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