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How to maintain fiber laser cutting machine in summer?

First of all, the focus is for users to purchase fiber laser cutting machine and understand the functions of the CNC system. Nowadays, many so-called independent research and development system companies on the market have imperfect CNC system functions. The CNC system produced by our company has gone through decades of market testing, and the system has been continuously upgraded. The performance in all aspects is excellent, and the design in all aspects comes from the user's interest! Among them, the power protection function is a very practical function in the system. The factory encountered a power failure when using our fiber laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine can keep the cutting graphics intact and can cut directly at the cutting site when powered on. This effectively saves sheets and energy and eliminates the need for repeated cutting, which improves efficiency and reduces costs for business users.

Since fiber laser cutting machine equipment is mainly used for thin plate cutting, the cutting method mainly uses plasma cutting. In the previous related documents, we have some descriptions of plasma cutting methods based on the conditions of various pollution hazards. For the use of fiber laser cutting machines, from the operator's point of view, reducing the use of equipment caused by pollution and harming human health should be done from the perspective of the operator. Operational details for the following aspects.

1. Fiber laser cutting machine arc burns

Although the cutting thickness of desktop CNC cutting machines is not very large, and the relative plasma power supply is mainly small and medium-sized power supply, in actual processing and production, there are still unavoidable arc burning injuries, and improper protection can also lead to electro-optic ophthalmia. Therefore, corresponding protective measures must be taken according to different operating methods. If you focus on shading equipment for tabletop oxygen plasma cutting, the operator needs to wear goggles, and the color can be selected according to each person's vision.

2. Prevent high-temperature metal or arc burns during normal operation

Skin should not be directly exposed to arc light to prevent arc burns. In addition, when air plasma cutting is performed, high-temperature slag or molten metal sputtering may be formed within a certain cutting range. These high-temperature substances will not only burn the skin, but may also cause burns and other accidents. Therefore, when operating the fiber laser cutting machine, pay attention to the distance between the operator and the equipment. It is recommended that non-operators do not enter the equipment operating area. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to contact slits, strips or wires under high temperature during operation.


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