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Why do we need to add gas when the fiber laser cutting machine is working, and what is its function?

Fiber laser cutting machine is already very common in enterprises that need to process metals, but people who have just come into contact with fiber laser cutting machine may be curious about why auxiliary gas is added during the laser cutting process. And what gases are needed for laser processing and what role they will play are all questions that are difficult for novices to understand.

In fact, for laser cutting processing, most of the time, the auxiliary gas required is just ordinary air, another is oxygen, and another is nitrogen. The purpose is to blow away the residue, so that better cutting results can be obtained. While using gas to blow away the slag, it is used to protect the lens and prevent the slag from sticking to the lens. Cutting with nitrogen will affect the cutting quality, and can effectively achieve the cutting surface without burrs or slag, and refined cutting; cutting with oxygen, oxygen helps combustion and reacts with substances, which can increase the cutting speed.

In summary: laser cutting and laser drilling are basically the same in principle. The laser beam with high power density is focused and sprayed on the designated position of the processed material. After the light is absorbed, the inside of the material becomes hot. The melting or gasification of the material is due to the sharp rise in temperature. The appropriate spraying auxiliary gas can not only protect the lens, but also blow away the slag after processing, make the incision clean, the incision gap narrow, and the material heating range is small.


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