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Why does the efficiency and application range of fiber laser cutting machines allow its market to develop rapidly?

1. Effectiveness of fiber laser cutting machine

In the material processing process, in order to meet the requirements of product production, different materials need to be cut into certain sizes so that they can be incorporated into the next production process. Therefore, in these production and processing industries, attention needs to be paid to the selection of cutting equipment. The selection of cutting equipment is directly Affecting the quality of material processing, the selection of equipment products cannot meet the requirements of required standards and cannot achieve ideal application effects. Therefore, the demand for fiber laser cutting equipment has been increasing in recent years. The application of fiber laser cutting equipment has provided more opportunities for the development of industry. Convenient conditions.

2. Efficiency Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. Use a general edge cutting layout: it not only greatly reduces the fiber laser cutting schedule, but also saves cutting materials. Only one hole is used to complete the continuous cutting of multiple parts, which improves productivity and saves money. raw materials.

2. Oxygen-assisted gas: The basic principle of fiber laser cutting of metal materials is to use high-energy laser to smelt the surface of metal materials to achieve the laser cutting effect. If oxygen-assisted gas is used, the oxidation processing of the plate can be increased to reach a molten state, thereby improving cutting efficiency.

3. Adopt bridge parts and joint cutting programming mode: The programming method pays more attention to improving cutting speed and cutting efficiency. This programming mode cannot be achieved by traditional cutting methods. Through special computer software drawing, the cutting paths of several parts are connected together, so that the laser cutting machine can complete the cutting of the entire steel plate with only one hole.

Today's production of excellent and reliable fiber laser cutting equipment not only makes the equipment more widely used, but also makes fiber laser cutting equipment more stable when processing raw materials and is less susceptible to environmental damage. It can be done to higher product standards.

Nowadays, the functions of fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more abundant. It can provide more convenient conditions for the development of manufacturing and make manufacturing easier.

Fiber laser cutting machine has become more and more widely used in industrial production due to their high precision, high speed and high cost performance. Compared with traditional cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has unparalleled cutting efficiency. Therefore, fiber laser cutting equipment continues to rise in my country, the fiber cutting machine industry continues to be in a stage of rapid development, and laser cutting equipment has become an industry advantage.



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