How to protect nozzle and electrode of CNC plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine nozzle

The CNC plasma cutting machine is used more and more in the current steel cutting, and its cutting efficiency and overall cost loss are also more and more advantageous. Compared with the same type of gas cutting, its efficiency is 5-8 times as high as that of gas cutting, and the cost of one day is only 1/6 of gas cutting. Because the CNC plasma cutting is mainly the ion arc formed by the current breakdown of the air, the metal material is divided. The cost loss is mainly plasma nozzles and electrodes, and the nozzles and electrodes are the frequent headaches of many customers, feeling too fast.

Then, we mainly talk about how to protect the plasma cutting machine nozzle electrode more effectively and prolong its service life.

1. About CNC plasma cutting machine, the THC ( Torch Height Controller ) must be automatically adjusted to ensure the effective distance between the nozzle and the steel plate, improve the service life of the cutting nozzle and the cutting effect of the sheet metal.

2. Frequently used cutting nozzle needle cleaning nozzle outlet, the slag dust is blocked, burn out electrode;

3. When it is found that the damage of the nozzle is serious, it is necessary to keep up with the damage in time.

4. Cutting different thickness of the plate, to choose the corresponding current, too small will cause damage to the nozzle and electrode;

5. When CNC plasma cutting machine is not used for a long time, it can discharge the nozzle electrode and install it when it wants to be used, so as not to have long term installation in a large smog factory, and for a long time, with too much humidity, it will affect the performance of the nozzle electrode.


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